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Faradic Drug and Alcohol Abuse Free Resistance Training Formation

Faradic Drug and Alcohol Abuse Resistance Training Freedom Fighting Formation<br><br>Duelling Drug Dependency to Death for Life

Faradic Drug and Alcohol Abuse Resistance Training

Electro-Duelling Drug Dependence to Death

  This is how I stopped smoking Rock,Meth,tobacco, ganja,and drinking with mild electrical impulses (shocks) to just the hand.

I was drug craving free in just three (3) days (72 Hours)!

1st. I had to re-file the drug high from the part of my mind I call the pleasure Dome, to the "O shit!That hurt" painful and avoid at all cost side.

2nd. My conscious objective was to create an artificial subconscious trauma to specific audio/visual stimuli,motor reflexes and corporal chemical alteration as well as accompanying psychological transmogrifacation.

3rd. I Synchronized the Crack Cocaine and Alcohol seeking behavior with the electroversioning and thought process. This was very easy with a low (40 to 60 volts) of slowly incrementing electrical impulse bathing of only the finger tip nerve cell endings of one hand while using.

4h. I made strong visualizations and associations with what I was holding and pairing that with the negative reinforcer (electrical impulses) AS I WAS USING. Actually seeing with the minds eye, the poison Smoke coming threw the joint or pipe (Beer too).

5th. Convincing myself that the Electroshocking field was emanating from this Cigarette, pipe or the liquid in the mug!- that the rush, or Intoxication or buzz, IN AND OF ITSELF, was actually the cause and the culprit of the Electrical irritation.

6th. Repeating this for four or five days with the Cigarettes, I then transferred the aversion to Crack Cocaine.

7th. For Alcohol, the Faradism may last two hours,for Cigarettes it was only five minutes at a time-EVERY TIME a Cigarette is lit up.With Crack, Methamphetamine or Heroin its only while the pipe or outfit was touched or handled and then continued while it was spiked or Drug on.

8th. During the latter the electricity was raised up as much as I could take it.About seventy volts.I kept this up and would not let myself enjoy the rush (crack high).If I enjoyed the rush,I would turn it up until the "pain" and the rush were fighting each other for attention in my mind.

9th. I focused all my attention on my Intoxication.I ignored the wires and convinced myself that the Smoke coming threw the pipe was now electrically charged.

A. That holding the pipe and inhale the smoke was electrocuting me.

B. That it was electrocuting me as it entered my lungs and raced threw my cardio-vascular system.

C. That as the cocaine was electrocuting as it rushed threw my mind.

That THESE events were the actual causes and culprits of my electrical discomfort.

10th. I had to make clear cut visualizations/associations of my actions as I performed them.

A. The idiosyncratic hand to mouth thing.

B. The rooting or sucking and inhaling actions.

12th. I told myself how much I loved this High and how I would be doing this the next day and forever.

A. Because that was the state of my mind I was targeting.

B. With Alcohol aversion as with Smoke aversion,I targeted the same actions.As with the Cigarettes.

13th. The very first smell of Tobacco or as I opened the Beer and as I took the very first drag or started "SIPPING" was the most important because one of the most sensitive organ is the nose,and it must be trained that the smell of beer or smoke and the electro-shocks are one with each other.

14th. With Alcohol as with the other substances I studied the containers very hard so I would be revolted by the meer sight of their twins when I'd see them at the store.

A. I exaggerate my olfactory , pig nosed so as to smell the Nicotine laced Tobacco or Beer, WHILE I took the "pain" and told myself the fresh Tobacco and smelly Beer was causing it.

B. The beer foam I would gaze at constantly and make pictures out of them like a Rorschach (ink blot) test so I could project on them the underlying issues behind my drinking (lol. I kept seeing my ex in the foam).

C. I constantly kept only about half a tea spoon of beer bathing my tongue at a time-like one of those Wine tasters.So I could create an aversion or trauma to the taste and make it become artificially impalpable.

I would tell my self the Smoke was gaseous electricity.

The Beer or Liquor was liquid Electricity.

16th. As I got Drunk,I made myself believe the Drunkenness or "buzz" was Electrocuting me.

Same with the first hits of a cigarette.

17th. As I got Drunk I had to turn the voltage up cause I was becoming pain insensitive.

18th. I would look into the mug CONSTANTLY at my mouth and think to it or personalize it like a peri obsession.

19th. (I also stopped thinking about my wife this way LOL-I'm going to try it with Electro-Diet next).

20th. I would try to make out images in the foam and tell myself how much I loved this feeling and how I would be doing this the next day and forever.

21th. I drank till I got sleepy and took a catnap.I had to repeat this before I experienced the total absence of the feelings/cravings or even cognition/visualizations of using which triggers drug and alcohol seeking behavior and it even makes me ill if I visualize it as I write.

roberto carbajal



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